Here are a Few things to remember when p

Here are a Few things to remember when promoting your music. First and foremost the worst thing to do is put up online profiles and wait for fans to come to you. There are a lot of internet music promotion tools out there so try not to get caught up in the drop and wait game. That will cause you to lose interest in the music you just put out 2 weeks ago and look to make more music and do it all over again. 90% of up and coming artists get caught up in this and do it again and again and then eventually give up. You have to push that one song or mixtape until 10,000 people at least have heard it. If you don’t have 10,000 REAL plays on your mixtape then it is like it was never released.

Before you even put out a song you should have a budget and strategy in mind. There should be at least $500 available to pay for online promotion I know it isn’t much but it is a start. Once you have it in your mind I really want to make it happen it is time to put the bullshit to the side and get real. Promotion should come before that 10 dollar bag of weed, sneakers, partying etc. Music should be your number one priority your habits must wait if you can put that in your mind you wont regret it when it works.

To reach the people that are looking for you to reach them you need to target your fans. Targeted promotion reaches people in a certain niche, keyword or area. Twitter is the best place to target promote because they still allow keyword searches. You can type in hip hop and find a bunch of people talking about hip hop so this promotion is very effective. It is also great to give something for free that will always get someones attention. The free gift can’t be a download either if it is people won’t bother to open your link and it is time waisted. Think about it someone is trying to get you to listen to their music will you listen just because the download is free I think not.

Interaction is key when it comes to attracting fans on Social Media. You need to give them value to keep them interested in what you are doing. Video record your studio sessions and your day to day while your on the grind. Show them more than hey my name is MC Masta Blasta and here is my new album that will not work with people. Put your album link in your Youtube tie it through Twitter and Facebook and have all that info linked to your website. Your website should be your main hub you are promoting and it should be exciting and fun. People should go to your site and not mind staying there for a little while be creative and the fans will come. For more info on promotion go to or call us 707-776-6685

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