These are TARGETED FOLLOWERS which means you get to pick the niche area of people you want following you. This is what you want if your trying to build a Real Fan Base. These types of followers cost more and take more time to get but if your a serious artist/business person these are the types of followers you need to grow.

*This service is great if your a serious artist or business looking to Brand yourself by having an Online Presence and a Networking Resource right at your finger tips.

*Benefits: Increase your reputation & Twitter credibility. Grab attention and get people talking. Get noticed by new fans and your current circle.

*Password & Following back is required for service. If you would like us to unfollow people after the service is completed we can do that for a $10 extra charge but is not suggested as following and unfollowing puts your account at risk.

*Account must be clean means no prior suspensions and have more *Followers then people you are following. If you are following more then the number of followers you have your account needs to be cleaned prior to order this service. If you want we charge a $10 fee and we will clean your account for you.

*You get to pick (2) niche areas (Keywords) to target people. This may include targeting followers of a certain celebrity/artist. You may order additional niche areas (Keywords) for an additional fee of $5 each too be used in your service.

*Service takes between 2 – 8 weeks to complete depending on the size of package you get.

*This Service is Backed by our “No Delivery, No Pay” GUARANTEE. We will delivery or give you a refund for the undelivered amount. But we always deliver you can count on that!

*1000 – $35.00
*2000 – $60.00
*3000 – $85.00


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