Bruce Jenner shows off facial scar

After Bruce Jenner appeared in public Monday with a scar on his cheek, you can’t really fault folks for jumping to conclusions. Plastic surgery! The real reason, reportedly, was skin cancer.

Jenner had surgery Friday for what news outlets including Us Weekly said was a cancerous growth on his face. The magazine cited an unnamed source. Jenner has not confirmed this information.

He’s confirmed other information, though — plastic surgery, twice. And stepdaughter Kim Kardashian was even more specific: “an ill-advised partial facelift and a nose job.”  The early surgery was when Jenner was about 35.  That’s not a typo.

Bruce Jenner appeared in public with a scar on his face.

The former Olympian and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” dad said in a 2009 interview with Access Hollywood that his first face lift was 25 years ago.

That surgery — which Jenner wasn’t pleased with and Kim K. said resulted in “a lot of media criticism in the past” — really was a stroke of luck for men everywhere. The young Jenner was, arguably, too good-looking. And muscular.  And just plain hot.  An obvious candidate for plastic surgery.

So when he was about 60, Jenner was looking to “correct” his previous surgery, and the Kardashian clan “took a vote,” Jenner said in the Access Hollywood interview. Conclusion: Get another face lift.

The surgery became the subject of a “Kardashians” episode.


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